Oeonia volucris

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Africa, Madagascar, Mascarene Islands, Mauritius

Oeonia volucris is a small sized orchid species that originates from the Mascarene Islands, Madagascar, and Mauritius, where this orchid grows in coastal areas.  This is an epiphytic orchid – plants can be found growing upon the twiggy branches of trees, in areas of humid evergreen forest.

In the wild, this orchid species blooms from March to July.  Oeonia volucris plants produce exquisite white, three lobed blooms, which are held on long, slender stems.

This orchid can be grown both in a container or mounted onto a piece of cork.  Whether you choose to grow your Oeonia volucris plant as an epiphyte, mounted onto a piece of cork, or you’re growing your plant in a pot, ensure that you allocate your plant sufficient space, as if it’s happy this orchid species tends to colonise a greater area than you might expect.  In the wild, Oeonia volucris rambles through the twigs and tree branches, moving from one tree to another.  Plants use their roots to wander, so make sure you choose a large piece of cork, if you’re growing Oeonia volucris as an epiphyte.  Be aware that your Oeonia volucris orchid might be keen to become closely acquainted with any nearby plants.  This orchid species is perfectly suited to growing inside large sized terrariums, vivariums, and other enclosures.

Oeonia volucris requires a very humid environment to thrive.  Ideally, the humidity levels around these orchids would never fall below 70%RH.  Oeonia volucris plants flourish in areas or enclosures that enjoy humidity of 85%RH or higher.   This orchid species has fine, thin roots that require regular misting, but Oeonia volucris plants do not wish to be wet continually – they need to dry out a little, before being misted again.

This orchid species flourishes in intermediate temperatures.

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