Oncidium hians

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Americas, Brazil, Peru, South America

Oncidium hians is a small sized epiphytic orchid species, which is endemic to Brazil.  This orchid produces white and reddish brown coloured flowers, which are very pretty, both when viewed as a whole, with the plant, or when examined closely.  On a close examination, it’s wonderful to see the detail of Oncidium hian‘s blooms.

Plants produce flowering stems that are about twice as tall as the plant itself for the Oncidium hians plant’s first flowering.  Don’t let this mislead you as to this orchid species eventual size, subsequent flowerings will produce much taller flowering stems.  This orchid is too tall a plant for most bottle gardens.  The flowering stems have a branching habit; each stem can be decorated with a number of inflorescences, which are spaced out very attractively.

This is a floriferous orchid species, my plant is almost always in bloom.  Oncidium hians is easy to grow.  These orchids requires no special care or attention, no drier season or cooler temperatures; my plant receives the same care all through the year.

Oncidium hians favours bright, indirect light, humid growing conditions, good air circulation, and regular misting.

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