Family: Amaryllidaceae

Countries: Asia, Iran, Middle East, Turkmenistan

Onions are lovely vegetables to grow.  Onions can be grown from seeds or from sets (sets is the name for small baby onions that can be purchased from nurseries, garden centres, or online, and planted in your garden or at your allotment).  It’s quicker and easier to grow onions from sets, but larger onions can be grown from seeds.  Many types of onions are available.  You’ll find onions in a range of shapes and sizes and in varying shades of white, brown, or red.

If you’d like to grow your onions from seed, you’ll find onion varieties available that can be sown from December until May.  While spring planting onion sets can be planted from February to the beginning of May, and autumn planting onion sets are planted during September and October.

Whether you’re growing onions from seeds or from sets, choose a sunny location to plant your onions.  I find that these vegetables thrive in well-drained sandy soils but they can grow well in other soils, too.

Onions are affected by a number of pests and diseases.

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