Ornithocephalus manabina

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Americas, Ecuador, South America

Ornithocephalus manabina is a miniature sized, epiphytic orchid species, which originates from Ecuador.  This is such an attractive orchid species; plants produce delicate sprays of elegant, white flowers.

I love Ornithocephalus manabina’s fan shaped leaves, they are very useful and add architectural, year round interest to the terrarium.  This orchid species will add enhance your enclosure, even when your plant is not in flower.

Ornithocephalus manabina produces very pretty, white flowers, which have a slight sparkle and a crystalline quality.  I think that Ornithocephalus manabina looks especially beautiful in bud, which is how you you see my plant pictured in the photograph that accompanies this plant page.  If you’d like to see this Ornithocephalus manabina plant in flower, click here to see my update that features this orchid in bloom.

To see this same Ornithocephalus manabina plant in every stage from bud to bloom during the plant’s next flowering, please click here.

Ornithocephalus manabina is a warm growing orchid species, which favours humid conditions, indirect, filtered light, and warm temperatures.

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