Ornithophora radicans

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Brazil

Ornithophora radicans is a miniature, epiphytic orchid species, which originates from Brazil in South America.  Ornithophora radicans has a grassy habit and appearance, this orchid produces sprays of miniature white, brown, and yellow coloured flowers for a few weeks every year, in autumn.

I’ve grown Ornithophora radicans in intermediate and warm temperatures.  This orchid should be protected from too low a temperature.  I keep my plants in an enclosure, where the minimum temperature will never fall below 12C.

I have planted this Ornithophora radicans specimen in my BiOrbAir terrarium. You can see more photographs and discover how well this miniature orchid is growing in the second part of my long-term review of the BiOrbAir.  This link will take you straight to the trial update which was written at the time when I first planted this Ornithophora radicans specimen inside this terrarium.  In this and the following trial updates you will see how well this miniature orchid grows and develops.

To go straight to the trial review that shows this miniature orchid in bloom, please click here.

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