Pea ‘Oskar’

Family: Fabaceae

‘Oskar’ is a first-early pea from the Czech Republic.  This is a green podded pea with white flowers and green peas.  I enjoy growing this pea because it can be sown very early in the season to form naturally strong, resilient plants that produce sweet and tender, delicious peas.   If you prefer mangetout peas, simply harvest ‘Oskar’ pea pods while they are still young, before the peas have had a chance to swell.  However, I’d encourage you to grow ‘Oskar’ for pea production and enjoy the deliciously sweet taste of this great pea!

In warmer areas of the UK, we can sow ‘Oskar’ seeds outdoors from the start of March until the beginning of June, but in more Northerly, exposed, or colder areas it is better to wait until April before sowing peas.  For a regular harvest of peas, sow a new row of pea seeds every two to four weeks, from March until June.

Pea ‘Oskar’ plants grow up to around 90cm (3ft) tall.  This is an ideal choice of pea to grow in raised beds or borders.  I wouldn’t recommend growing ‘Oskar’ in containers, but it’s a superb pea to grow in the soil.  Taller peas can be more of a challenge to grow, as you need to create a tall support frame, and with a larger amount of plant material, taller pea plants are more likely to be damaged in the wind.  If you garden on a windy site, you may want to consider growing ‘Oskar’ and other dwarf peas.

Grow ‘Oskar’ peas in moist but well-drained soil.  Avoid growing peas on wet or water-logged sites.  If you garden on a wet site or you have a very high water table, consider installing raised beds, as the extra height of the beds will help to raise your plants above the water.  Peas are naturally deep-rooted plants and they won’t want to grow in very compacted ground.  If your soil is compacted, perhaps grow and harvest potatoes or another root crop and apply a mulch of homemade compost before you think about sowing pea seeds.

All peas thrive when grown in an area bathed in sunshine.  I don’t know of any type of pea that will grow in shaded conditions, but I’ve found that ‘Oskar’ will withstand semi-shade better than other peas I’ve trialled.  This said, I’d encourage you to grow ‘Oskar’ (and all your peas) in bright and sunny areas of your garden or allotment.

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