Pea ‘Rosakrone’

Family: Fabaceae

Pea ‘Rosakrone’ (Pisum sativum ‘Rosakrone’) is super pea variety that produces these dainty, rose-pink and ivory coloured flowers.  Plants produce small to medium sized green pea pods that can be eaten young (as mangetout), or allowed to develop into deliciously sweet green peas.  This is a decorative and reliable vegetable that will succeed in a sunny and open site, in almost any moist, but well-drained soil.

‘Rosakrone’ plants tend to grow up to around 1.2-1.5m (4-5ft) tall; consequently, if you’re planning to grow this pea, you’ll need a sturdy support frame.  I’ve got a useful roll of open wire fencing that I use for peas of this height – I reuse this roll of fencing every year – it’s a great thing to have for growing peas!  Alternatively, you could also support ‘Rosakrone’ peas using a row of tall twiggy pea sticks, a strong trellis, or another sturdy plant support.  Whatever you use, ensure that your frame offers numerous places up along the entire height of the support system for your ‘Rosakrone’ plants to cling on to as they grow.  The aim is to provide opportunities for all your pea plants to cling to as emerge as short, young plants, as well as to strengthen the fully developed plants and everything in between.

I find that ‘Rosakrone’ peas tend to produce almost all of their peas along the very top growth of the plant; so these peas are easier to harvest than usual pea types, which produce peas all along their stems, right from the base of the plant and upwards.  This makes ‘Rosakrone’ peas the ideal choice of pea for gardeners who aren’t as mobile or find bending down to harvest peas can be a challenge.

In the UK, the main sowing time for ‘Rosakrone’ peas is from the beginning of April to the end of May.  However, in warmer parts of the country, ‘Rosakrone’ seeds could be sown as early as March and the sowing season could possibly be extend to the end of June, depending on the weather and growing conditions.  Sow seed little and often to generate a regular harvest of tasty peas.  I like to sow pea seeds every couple of weeks.

‘Rosakrone’ peas thrive in the sunshine; these plants flourish in an open, sunny site.  Avoid growing peas in waterlogged soils.  Rosakrone’ (like most other peas) will grow happily in almost any moist but well-drained soil.

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