Pelargonium ‘Rushmoor Amazon’

Family: Geraniaceae

Bred by Steven Pollard, Pelargonium ‘Rushmoor Amazon’ (Rushmoor River Series) displays a new colour break within the Pelargonium genus, producing yellow coloured flowers, which display peach markings on their petals.

Pelargoniums are tender plants but, I’ve noticed that Pelargoniums vary from plant to plant in their ability to grow in cooler conditions, many plants can often survive a series of light frosts and cold night time temperatures.  Although Pelargonium plants are more likely to survive cool temperatures if they are covered with fleece at night.  Pelargonium plants can vary in their degree of resilience to colder temperatures.

Overwinter the Pelargonium ‘Rushmoor Amazon’ plants you wish to keep for the following year in a greenhouse or a conservatory.  Or grow your Pelargoniums as houseplants, in a light, bright room.  Keep plants a little drier over the winter time.

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