Peperomia argyraea

Family: Piperaceae

Countries: Brazil, South America

Peperomia argyraea can be found growing in the wild in the wet tropical biome of South East and North East Brazil.  This handsome plant is a popular houseplant that’s much admired for its attractive silvery-green coloured, ovate leaves with their distinctive dark-green veining.  The plant’s characteristic leaf shape with their rounded, striped markings causes each leaf to bear an obvious resemblance to a watermelon, giving Peperomia argyraea its common name of Watermelon Peperomia.

I adore Peperomia argyraea.  This is an easy-going and beautiful plant that’s very happy growing in the average conditions found inside our houses.  Peperomia argyraea will be delighted to grow in a room that enjoys bright but indirect sunlight and these plants will also be happy to living in semi-shaded rooms.  An ideal office plant, Peperomia argyraea flourished growing on a shelf or table near my terrariums and orchidariums that are lit with LED lighting in my more shaded rooms.  I have found this plant grows happily under artificial lighting.

I’ve grown Peperomia argyraea successfully as a feature plant on a shelf without any other plants around it, and I’ve also grown Peperomia argyraea amongst other plants, and this charming plant seems just as happy with company as without.  Peperomia argyraea doesn’t require daily misting but it’s quite happy to remain in its place as the plants growing around it are misted.  Frequent watering is not necessary and is very likely to be detrimental to this plant.  Only water Peperomia argyraea when the top three or four centimetres of compost has dried out.

Peperomia argyraea will grow very happily potted up in a range of free-draining, peat-free composts.  These plants don’t want to be potted up in too large a pot, as they tend to be healthier when under-potted than over-potted.  My plants have only been re-potted after growing in the same container of compost for three years or more; yet my plant has grown well and has never complained.

This is a tender plant that will be killed by low temperatures.  I’d suggest keeping Peperomia argyraea well away from cold draughts – avoid positioning your plant near exterior doors or windows that might be opened during autumn and wintertime.  Grow Peperomia argyraea in a warm room where the minimum night time winter temperatures won’t ever fall below 15C (59F).

The sizes of plants will vary according to their growing conditions.  The light, water, container, growing media, and temperatures a plant is grown in will affect their size.  Peperomia argyraea usually form plants that grow up to around 25cm tall

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