Phalaenopsis ‘Amsterdam’

Family: Orchidaceae

Phalaenopsis ‘Amsterdam’ is a truly gorgeous hybrid Phalaenopsis that produces tall stems of exquisite ivory coloured flowers with attractive rose-pink freckling.  ‘Amsterdam’ freckles are very symmetrical and ordered, they radiate out from the centre of each flower; this freckle formation is rather like those of the stars when Han Solo activates the hyperdrive to take the Millennium Falcon to travel at lightspeed, in Star Wars.

This is one of my larger-sized Phalaenopsis hybrids, each flowering stem holds inflorescences that are impressive in both in their size and beauty.  I adore this Phalaenopsis!  ‘Amsterdam’ is a truly magnificent plant with attractive mid to dark-green coloured foliage; each leaf is free of any markings or variegation.  Phalaenopsis ‘Amsterdam’ was bred by Anthura, in the Netherlands.

I often see and hear advice recommending watering Phalaenopsis with an ice cube or two – however, I strongly advise against putting ice anywhere near your Phalaenopsis!  Phalaenopsis are a genus of tender plants from Asia.  These orchids are never ever frozen and they don’t come into contact with ice in their natural environment – these are tender plants that are killed by ice and cold temperatures.  Phalaenopsis need to be grown indoors, in the warmth.  Please save your ice cubes for cooling your drinks!  Phalaenopsis have a minimum night time temperature of 13C (55F).  These plants enjoy experiencing cooler night time temperatures and warmer daytime temperatures.

All of my orchids and houseplants are watered with rainwater collected from my roof.  During autumn, winter, and early spring, I ensure that my rainwater is collected and then stored indoors for a couple of days to allow the water to warm up and acclimatise to room temperature before I use it; as Phalaenopsis won’t enjoy being watered with icy cold water!  Phalaenopsis roots usually turn green after they’ve been watered; the roots become more silvery as they dry out.  Wait until your Phalaenopsis ‘Amsterdam’ plant’s roots have changed from green to silver before you water your plant again.

Phalaenopsis ‘Amsterdam’ thrives in bright but indirect light.  What does this mean?  Choose a position where your Phalaenopsis can enjoy soft lighting away from intense or harsh sunshine.  Phalaenopsis ‘Amsterdam’ flourishes in diffused light that’s gentle and won’t scorch this plant’s sensitive leaves.  In a very bright room, you could place Phalaenopsis ‘Amsterdam’ in the middle of the room, away from windows and skylights; alternatively, if the room is very bright, move the Phalaenopsis into a corner or choose another room to house this plant.

These orchids decline in a very dry arid atmosphere.  Phalaenopsis ‘Amsterdam’ flourish in a fairly humid environment, this is easily achieved by grouping your orchid with other Phalaenopsis or houseplants.  Misting your Phalaenopsis with rainwater will raise the humidity levels around your plant for a short time; alternatively,  ‘Amsterdam’ can be grown in a container placed above a pebble tray that’s regularly topped up with water.  Find more tips for growing and re-flowering Phalaenopsis in this article that I’ve dedicated to Phalaenopsis.

My Phalaenopsis ‘Amsterdam’ plant that you see pictured above was raised by Double H Nurseries, in the UK and sent to me by Love Orchids.  Here’s a link to the Love Orchids website, if you’d like to purchase your own plant.

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