Phalaenopsis appendiculata

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Asia, Malaysia

Phalaenopsis appendiculata is a miniature epiphytic orchid species, which is endemic to Pahang, in Malaysia.

This is a mini, miniature orchid species, that has a reputation for being difficult to grow.  If you’re growing Phalaenopsis appendiculata, take care to mist your plant’s roots regularly, and provide warm, humid conditions, with good air circulation.  Position your plant in a location where your orchid will enjoy bright, but filtered, indirect light; avoid harsh light, which might scorch your plant’s leaves.  Take care not to overwater your plants.  Phalaenopsis appendiculata plants grow happily on moss covered branches.

If the plants are happy, Phalaenopsis appendiculata blooms readily; even as a young plant, this species is quick to bloom.  Phalaenopsis appendiculata produces small, attractive white flowers, which are decorated with purple, spotted and striped markings.  A notable feature of Phalaenopsis appendiculata blooms, is the flower’s column, which looks like a tooth or fang, giving this orchid a comical air.  This distinctive appendage led to this Phalaenopsis species being named ‘appendiculata’.

You can see photographs of this Phalaenopsis appendiculata specimen in bloom, and find out more information about this plant’s growing conditions in this update here.

This Orchidarium update shows this same Phalaenopsis appendiculata specimen in bloom.

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