Phalaenopsis celebensis

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Asia, Indonesia, Sulawesi

Phalaenopsis celebensis is a miniature to small sized, epiphytic orchid species.  This orchid species is endemic to the Sulawesi Island, in Indonesia.  The Sulawesi Island was formerly known as Celebes, which is where the specific epithet of this orchid’s name – ‘celebensis’ comes from.  Plants produce attractive leaves with silver, grey-green, and dark green colourings, mottled with dark purple-blue-black variegation.  This orchid species produces long flowering stems, which are adorned with a great many white flowers that resemble moths or butterflies in flight.

Phalaenopsis celebensis plants flourish in warm, humid, shaded conditions.  It’s really important that these plants receive sufficient shade, they thrive when grown in low level, indirect, filtered, and diffused light.  These plants must be kept away from bright, harsh, or direct light.  If your Phalaenopsis celebensis plants are struggling, increase the shade they receive and raise the humidity levels around your plant.  Phalaenopsis celebensis plants need to be grown in a very humid, shaded environment.

These orchids produce arching or pendant flowering stems, which feature a great many flowers.  Mature Phalaenopsis celebensis specimens are capable of producing a great number of inflorescences, plants produce a greater number of flowers at each flowering.  Phalaenopsis celebensis blooms are white, with central burnt caramel coloured markings over their petals and a pink column.  Sadly, Phalaenopsis celebensis flowers are not fragrant.

You can see the Phalaenopsis celebensis plant that’s pictured above in flower for the first time, in this update, here.

I’ve written this update on the Phalaenopsis species that are growing inside my Orchidarium.  This article shows my photographs of the same Phalaenopsis celebensis plant from the moment the plant’s flower stem emerged, to the buds developing and the flowers opening.

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