Phalaenopsis cochlearis

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Asia, Borneo, Malaysia, Sarawak

Phalaenopsis cochlearis is both an epiphytic and lithophytic orchid species that originates from Malaysia and Borneo, where this small sized orchid grows on limestone rocks and upon trees in forests.  This orchid’s common name is the ‘spoon like Phalaenopsis’ – referring to this orchid species flower’s spoon-like concave lip.  Phalaenopsis cochlearis‘s pretty, soft yellow blooms produce a light, but pleasing citrus fragrance.

Phalaenopsis cochlearis is an orchid species which favours consistently warm to hot temperatures, a very humid environment, with good air movement, bright, filtered light, and regular watering.  In its natural environment, this orchid species enjoys similar temperatures throughout the year, there is no drier rest period during the winter time and temperatures do not drop during winter, so to grow this orchid well you will need to provide consistent temperatures, with regular watering, throughout the year.

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