Phalaenopsis finleyi

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Asia, Bhutan, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam

Phalaenopsis finleyi is a miniature, epiphytic orchid species that can be found growing in the wild, in Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar.  This miniature Phalaenopsis species is also known by the names of Phalaenopsis minus and Kingidium minusPhalaenopsis finleyi is a deciduous orchid species; these plants drop their leaves during autumn and winter and produce new foliage each spring.

In the wild, Phalaenopsis finleyi plants grow upon branches and tree trunks.  Consequently, rather than growing these orchids in containers, I find that Phalaenopsis finleyi plants favour being grown mounted onto slabs of cork bark; as this simulates similar growing conditions to those that these orchids enjoy in their native habitats.  I grow all of my Phalaenopsis finleyi plants mounted onto pieces of cork bark, without any moss at all around the plants’ roots.

Phalaenopsis finleyi produces very attractive flowers, which have a somewhat streamlined, reflexed appearance.  The inflorescences are white, they feature a predominantly pink colouration, with maroon and yellow markings.  The blooms are quite striking, the colours are contrasting and bring out the intensity of each other.

This orchid species enjoys growing in indirect, low, diffused light, and very humid growing conditions.  Phalaenopsis finleyi plants favour intermediate to warm temperatures.  These orchids drop their leaves to enable the plants to endure and survive a drier winter period, in the wild.

I have a Phalaenopsis finleyi plant that’s growing inside my Orchidarium.  You can see my photographs of this miniature orchid in bud and in bloom – in an article I wrote about the Phalaenopsis species inside my Orchidarium.

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