Phalaenopsis ‘Happy Hour’

Family: Orchidaceae

Phalaenopsis ‘Happy Hour’ is a gorgeous crimson-flowered Phalaenopsis.  These orchids display utterly mesmerising flowers that radiate spotted and dotted markings with an attractive and rather painterly appearance.  ‘Happy Hour’ has richly coloured flowers that are gently highlighted by a light coloured picotee edging that surrounds the outer edge of each and every bloom.  My Phalaenopsis ‘Happy Hour’ plant currently has three flower spikes, which are around 35cm (14inches) tall.  This variety is very floriferous.  The many flowers gathered together on each flower stem give ‘Happy Hour’ a naturally bushy habit.

Phalaenopsis orchids thrive in a humid atmosphere; they often do well in bathrooms and kitchens, and will flourish when grown together in groups of orchids and houseplants.  Avoid dry environments.  Keep your Phalaenopsis plants away from radiators, heaters, stoves, ovens, and open fires.  Cold draughts are also detrimental and are another factor to avoid when deciding where to position your Phalaenopsis ‘Happy Hour’ plant.

I raise the humidity levels around my Phalaenopsis plants by gathering my orchids, ferns, and houseplants together to form attractive groups of plants.  Pebble trays topped up with water will provide your Phalaenopsis ‘Happy Hour’ plant with higher humidity levels and improved growing conditions.  When using pebble trays, place an upturned saucer over the pebbles, check the surface is level and the position your potted Phalaenopsis on top, ensuring that the base of your plant’s pot is above the water level.  It’s important to ensure that there’s no chance that the base of your Phalaenopsis’ pot will be in contact with the water – as orchids can rot in continually wet conditions.

When choosing where to position your Phalaenopsis ‘Happy Hour plant, look for an area where the light is bright but gentle; avoid harsh, direct light as intense sunlight will scorch your orchid’s sensitive leaves.  South-facing windows are unadvisable, as unless you have a net curtain or a frosted window, the sunlight will be too intense.  Take care to avoid areas where afternoon sunlight shines brightest, as sunshine is more powerful in the afternoon.

I enjoy watering all of my Phalaenopsis plants with rainwater collected from my roof.  I truly believe it’s worth collecting rainwater, as our tap water contains salts which can be harmful for orchids.  In autumn, winter, and spring time, I ensure that my rainwater is brought indoors a couple of days in advance, giving the rainwater plenty of time to warm up and reach room temperature, before I water my plants.

Phalaenopsis ‘Happy Hour’ is a tender plant that makes a perfect houseplant.  These orchids need to be grown indoors, in the protection of a warm room where the minimum temperatures are always above 13C (55F) at night, in wintertime.

This gorgeous Phalaenopsis was one of feature plants on the Edible Bus Stop’s ‘Botanical Rhapsody’ Houseplant Studio at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2022.  The Phalaenopsis orchids in the Edible Bus Stop’s Houseplant Studio were all grown by Love Orchids’s specialist orchid nursery, in the UK.  If you want to purchase your own Phalaenopsis here is a link to Love Orchids’ website.

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