Phalaenopsis honghenensis

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Asia, China, Thailand, Yunnan

Phalaenopsis honghenensis is a species of miniature, epiphytic orchid, which originates from China and Thailand, where this orchid species can be found growing on the trunks of mossy, lichen covered trees.

The flowers of Phalaenopsis honghenensis can be variable in colour.  The flowers are fragrant, producing a sweet fragrance, which has quite different, pleasing, yet surprising characteristics and scent notes.

Phalaenopsis honghenensis grows well in intermediate, humid conditions, in indirect, filtered light.  This orchid’s roots have a somewhat warty texture.

For more information about Phalaenopsis, including photographs and detailed information about this orchid’s fragrance and flowering, please click here.

You can see photographs of this Phalaenopsis honghenensis specimen in flower inside my Orchidarium in this Orchidarium update, which was written while this special Phalaenopsis was in bloom.

This Orchidarium Update shows more of this same Phalaenopsis honghenensis specimen’s flowers.

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