Phalaenopsis japonica

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Asia, China, Japan, North Korea, Ryukyu Islands, South Korea, Yunnan

Phalaenopsis japonica is small sized orchid species that produces very attractive, lemon scented inflorescences, during spring and summertime.  The greenish-white flowers are handsomely decorated with pink markings that cover the flower’s lip and these compliment the somewhat variable maroon markings that highlight the blooms’ sepals and petals.

This orchid species’ specific epithet (the second part of the orchid species’ name) – japonica means that this orchid species is from Japan.  However, Phalaenopsis japonica isn’t only found in Japan, this orchid is a native plant of Japan, the Ryukyu Islands, Korea, the Yunnan and Zhejiang provinces, as well as central and South East China.

Phalaenopsis japonica can be grown mounted onto a piece of cork or tree bark, or grown in a small container filled with free draining bark compost.  This orchid species thrives in a very humid environment.  Misting your plant regularly or growing Phalaenopsis japonica inside a terrarium will help provide your plant with its ideal growing conditions.  If you don’t have a terrarium and you’re struggling to provide the humidity this orchid species needs; grow your plant in a container and group it with other orchids.

These plants thrive in semi shaded areas that enjoy soft, filtered indirect light.  Phalaenopsis japonica has delicate, sensitive leaves that are damaged by too intense lighting.  Avoid positioning this Phalaenopsis in areas exposed to bright, direct, or harsh lighting, which may scorch this plant’s leaves.

This is a cool to cold growing orchid species.  Ideal daytime temperatures range from 18-26C (65-80F).  Whilst the plant’s minimum night time temperature is 12C (55F).

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