Phalaenopsis lobbii f. flavilabia

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Asia, Bhutan, Himalayas, India, Myanmar, Sikkim, Vietnam

Phalaenopsis lobbii f. flavilabia is a form of miniature, epiphytic orchid, which produces rather cute, white and yellow coloured flowers.  This miniature orchid’s pastel yellow coloured blooms are very pretty indeed.  This particular orchid is the yellow flowered form of Phalaenopsis lobbii.

Phalaenopsis lobbii f. flavilabia blooms from late winter, through to mid to late spring.  Spring is this Phalaenopsis species’ main flowering time, but this miniature orchid may bloom twice a year or more, given favourable growing conditions.  Phalaenopsis lobbii f. flavilabia‘s rather endearing flowers flowers open in sequence, one flower opens first, and the other blooms open in succession.  The flowers may on occasion end up all being open at the same time, but this overlap helps to extend the plant’s flowering somewhat.

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