Phalaenopsis lobbii

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Asia, Bhutan, Himalayas, India, Myanmar, Sikkim, Vietnam

Phalaenopsis lobbii is a miniature, epiphytic orchid species, which originates from India, Vietnam, the Himalayas, and Myanmar, where this orchid species can be found growing on trees in evergreen forests.

This is another super cute Phalaenopsis species; I adore Phalaenopsis lobbii‘s cheerful flowers.  Once Phalaenopsis lobbii reaches flowering size, this miniature orchid flowers reliably each springtime.  Phalaenopsis lobbii grows readily in a humid environment, in bright, filtered light.

You can see photographs of this Phalaenopsis lobbii specimen in flower, inside my Orchidarium, where you’ll also find details and information on the duration of this plant’s flowering, growth, and development in this Orchidarium Update.

You’ll find more photographs of this same Phalaenopsis lobbii specimen in bloom and find out more information about this plant’s growing conditions in this update for my Orchidarium.

Continuing on from my previous update, this link takes you to the next update for my Orchidarium, where you can see my photographs of this same Phalaenopsis lobbii specimen in bud and bloom and leaf.

Alternatively, please click here to see an update that shows photographs of this same Phalaenopsis lobbii specimen in bloom inside my Orchidarium, from 2019 to June 2021.

Alternatively, you can follow another of my Phalaenopsis lobbii plants – this one’s growing inside my Rainforest Terrarium.  You can see this specimen as it grows, develops, and flowers, from April 2018 to March 2019, in this update, here.

While this update, shows the same Phalaenopsis lobbii plant in bloom inside my Rainforest Terrarium, from March 2019 to April 2020.

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