Phalaenopsis lowii

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Asia, Borneo, Myanmar, Thailand

Phalaenopsis lowii is a small to miniature sized, warm to hot growing species of epiphytic orchid, which sometimes grows as a lithophyte, on limestone rocks and stone outcrops.  Phalaenopsis lowii originates from Borneo, Myanmar, and Thailand, where this orchid species can be found growing near rivers.  In the wild, Phalaenopsis lowii grows as a deciduous plant.  In cultivation however, Phalaenopsis lowii usually retains its leaves over wintertime.

I love the leaves of Phalaenopsis lowii, they display a very attractive, almost iridescent sheen, which I find particularly beautiful and endearing.

Phalaenopsis lowii produces long lasting, white to pink coloured flowers.  The blooms have an unusual form.  The centre of every flower has what looks like a nose or beak like appendage, as this species of Phalaenopsis produces a long rostellum, which is particularly distinctive.

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