Phalaenopsis ‘Machu Picchu’

Family: Orchidaceae

Phalaenopsis ‘Machu Picchu’ is a striking Phalaenopsis, its ivory flowers feature vivid Fuchsia-pink coloured centres on each petal and sepal; this pink colouring suffuses with the white petals rather like a drop of brightly coloured paint moves into other colours, as an artist cleans their brushes or adds new colour to liquid paint.  The flower’s lips are coloured in a deep carmine and highlighted with a golden bow-tie at the centre and a white almost heart-shaped mark on the flower’s nose completes this orchid.

Position your ‘Machu Picchu’ plant in a bright room that enjoys soft lighting.  Harsh or direct light could scorch this orchid’s sensitive leaves, so do take care when positioning your plant.  Morning light tends to be gentler than afternoon sunshine, so look for a room that is brighter in the morning, if possible.  If your room is very bright, you might like to consider moving your plant a little further away from the window; while if your room is shadier then you’ll need to move your orchid closer to the window.  A word of warning though – please never, ever place an orchid above a radiator that’s turned on.  If your radiator isn’t used (at all – not ever) then that particular window sill will be a more agreeable place for your orchid to grow, but even if the radiator is only set to come on when the temperature drops then your orchid will not be happy growing here, as radiators reduce the humidity in a room.  Similarly, avoid positioning ‘Machu Picchu’ near storage heaters, gas fires, fans, open fires, and stoves, as these all dry the moisture from the air, which is the opposite of what your orchid wants.  Phalaenopsis ‘Machu Picchu’ thrives in humid conditions and loves to grow in bathrooms or kitchens.

I increase the humidity levels around my plants by misting them with rainwater.  I also group my orchids or houseplants together and I place my orchids’ containers on pebble trays that I keep topped up with water – this is a really effective method of improving the conditions for your plants.

Phalaenopsis ‘Machu Picchu’ is a tender orchid that must never be exposed to temperatures below 13C (555F).

My Phalaenopsis ‘Machu Picchu’ plant was sent to me by Love Orchids.  This orchid was grown by Double H Nurseries, in the UK.

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