Phalaenopsis ‘New Life’

Family: Orchidaceae

Phalaenopsis ‘New Life’ is a new, hybrid Phalaenopsis that produces such pretty flowers!  If you study a Phalaenopsis ‘New Life’ flower, you’ll notice that its petals, as they face you, are a soft ivory in colour, while the reverse of each petal is infused with a dusky pink, which gives these blooms a rather romantic painterly quality.  The soft colours of this Phalaenopsis’s flowers combine to produce a very soothing and pleasing, quite beautiful colour tone.

Phalaenopsis ‘New Life’ is a very floriferous Phalaenopsis, this orchid’s flowers are perfumed.  The blooms are most fragrant in the morning, when they produce a light, floral fragrance.  This is one of ten new Phalaenopsis plants to be awarded the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit.  The Award of Garden Merit is an accolade given to plants that have been trialled and tested; the plants that receive the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit have been proven to perform well in appropriate growing conditions, with no special care or attention.

Phalaenopsis ‘New Life’ produces scented ivory flowers, the reverse of each flower petal looks as if it has been delicately painted in a soothing tone of pink. This Phalaenopsis has a calm, elegant air.

Double H Nurseries are the growers of Phalaenopsis ‘New Life’ and a wide range of other Phalaenopsis orchids which are offered for sale in UK nurseries, garden centres, high street stores, and supermarkets.  Double H Nurseries are a British Nursery, based in New Milton, they are growers of Phalaenopsis, roses, and chrysanthemum plants, their plants all have the British flag displayed on their plant label.

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My plant that you see pictured above was grown by Double H Nurseries, in the UK.  Here’s a link to the Love Orchids website, if you’d like to purchase your own plant.

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