Phalaenopsis pantherina

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Asia, Borneo, Indonesia

Phalaenopsis pantherina is a miniature to small sized, epiphytic, or lithophytic orchid species, which originates from the humid, mountainous forests of Borneo and Indonesia, where this orchid can be found growing upon the branches of trees and on moss covered rocks.

Phalaenopsis pantherina produces rather wonderful, zig-zaged flowering stems, which hold this orchid species’ eye catching flowers.  This orchid’s wax like flowers display exotic looking spotted markings, which resemble the markings on a panther’s coat – hence this orchid species’ common name of the Panther-like-Phalaenopsis, the specific epithet of this orchid’s botanical name also references this similarity.

If you’re interested in Phalaenopsis pantherina, you can see this orchid in bloom inside my Rainforest Terrarium, in this update, here.

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