Phalaenopsis ‘Santos’

Family: Orchidaceae

Phalaenopsis ‘Santos’ features unusual coloured flowers, its flowers are a beguiling combination of sugary-pink petals and sepals, matched with a rose-copper coloured lip with gold at its heart.  It’s quite a combination, ideal if you’re looking for something different.  This Phalaenopsis orchid’s flower colours are full of both sugar and spice!

To provide the ideal conditions for your Phalaenopsis ‘Santos’ orchid, keep these plants away from radiators, heaters, stoves, ovens, and open fires.  I find it preferable to keep Phalaenopsis away from front and back doors, as the dramatic change of temperature when the door opens isn’t ideal in wintertime, but also if you’re clumsy like me it’s easy to catch a flower on a cardigan as you enter or exit – unfortunately I’ve done this so many times!

Phalaenopsis ‘Santos’ prefer a humid atmosphere, they thrive in bathrooms and kitchens, and benefit from being misted regularly.  Another way to increase humidity levels around your Phalaenopsis is to take a plastic or ceramic tray and fill it with attractive pebbles and then top up with water; place your plant atop the pebbles.  Ensure that your plant isn’t sitting in water, place a saucer underneath your Phalaenopsis’ pot or pop your plant inside a ceramic planter and place this on top of the pebbles.  Grouping houseplants together will also help to increase the humidity levels around your plants.

Lighting is important for Phalaenopsis, look for a position where the light is bright but kind.  Intense, direct sunlight will scorch your Phalaenopsis plant’s sensitive leaves, so avoid placing plants on South-facing window sills.  If you notice that your Phalaenopsis has a scorched leaf move your plant to a location that basks in softer sunlight.

These orchids are tender plants that will thrive in a warm room, indoors.  Don’t expose Phalaenopsis ‘Santos’ to temperatures that drop below an absolute minimum of 13C (55F).

In 2022, the Royal Horticultural Society presented Phalaenopsis ‘Santos’ with an Award of Garden Merit.  Orchids that are presented with an Award of Garden Merit are considered to grow and flower well given their appropriate growing conditions.

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My Phalaenopsis ‘Santos’ plant was sent to me by Love Orchids.  This orchid was grown by Double H Nurseries, in the UK.

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