Phalaenopsis sumatrana

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Asia, Borneo, Java, Malaysia, Philippines, Sumatra, Thailand, Vietnam

Phalaenopsis sumatrana is a small to medium sized orchid species.  Please note that I usually write about miniature orchids that are much more easily accommodated inside terrariums and orchidariums.  If you want to grow Phalaenopsis sumatrana inside a terrarium or vivarium, you will need a very large enclosure to provide sufficient room for this orchid species.

The common name for this orchid species is the Sumatran Phalaenopsis.  Phalaenopsis sumatrana is from Sumatra, Borneo, Malaysia, and the Philippines.  This is an epiphytic orchid species that grows on the trunks of trees in mountainous forests.  Plants flower throughout the year, producing long-lived white or cream coloured blooms that are attractively decorated with reddish brown horizontal markings.  Phalaenopsis sumatrana plants produce flowers that display a wide degree of variation, both in their colour tone and in the intensity of their flowers’ markings.

Phalaenopsis sumatrana is a warm to hot growing orchid species that thrives in a hot a steamy, humid environment.  These orchids flourish in areas that enjoy 70-100%RH.  In addition to the warm to hot temperatures and humid growing conditions that this orchid species relish, Phalaenopsis sumatrana plants prefer to grow in shaded to semi shaded areas, away from bright or intense light.  These orchids are happiest growing in spaces that enjoy soft, filtered, indirect light.  Avoid any harsh or direct light, as this will scorch your plant’s delicate leaves.

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