Phalaenopsis ‘Sunny Angel’

Family: Orchidaceae

Phalaenopsis ‘Sunny Angel’ is a small-sized, hybrid Phalaenopsis that produces these totally gorgeous, creamy-buttermilk-coloured flowers that display this strikingly handsome, raspberry-coloured veining that radiates out across all the flower’s petals and sepals.  These raspberry-coloured markings perfectly compliment the flower’s rich cherry-coloured lip, which itself is beautifully highlighted by the thinest sliver of gold picotee edging.

When choosing where to position your Phalaenopsis ‘Sunny Angel’ plant, look for a place where your plant will enjoy bright but soft light – choose a position away from harsh or intense light, which is likely to scorch your orchid’s leaves.  However, don’t go too far the other way, Phalaenopsis ‘Sunny Angel’ needs bright indirect lighting – this orchid won’t appreciate being grown in deep shade and your plant may not re-bloom if it isn’t given enough light.  Look for an area that is brightest in the morning, as morning light is softer than the more intense sunlight we receive in the afternoon.

I enjoy watering all of my orchids with rainwater.  Our tap water contains salts that are harmful to orchids; if you can avoid tap water and collect rainwater instead, this will really help your plants.  Take care to ensure that the rainwater has reached room temperature or a little warmer, before you use it.  I prefer my rainwater to be filtered and stored indoors for a couple of days before I use it, just to be certain that I’m not giving my plants a nasty cold shower when I water them!

These orchids are tender plants that will thrive in a warm room, indoors.  Please don’t expose Phalaenopsis ‘Sunny Angel’ plants to temperatures that drop below an absolute minimum winter night time temperature of 13C (55F).  Phalaenopsis thrive in warm rooms, away from cold draughts from exterior doors.  To keep your Phalaenopsis happy, it’s also vital to keep your orchid away from hot, dry air from radiators, open fires, stoves, and heaters.

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My Phalaenopsis ‘Sunny Angel’ plant was sent to me by Love Orchids.  This orchid was grown in the UK.

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