Phalaenopsis ‘Sunny Smell’

Family: Orchidaceae

When Phalaenopsis ‘Sunny Smell’ was first introduced, it was described as the UK’s first widely available scented Phalaenopsis hybrid.  Fragrance is subjective, but when I first encountered this orchid in rather cool conditions on the RHS Chelsea Flower Show Plant of the Year exhibit, at the 2016 Chelsea Flower Show, I could not detect any scent from the Phalaenopsis ‘Sunny Smell’ plant that formed part of this exhibit.  This Phalaenopsis ‘Sunny Smell’ plant might have produced more fragrance, had the temperature been warmer.  Some time has now passed since our first meeting and I now have my own Phalaenopsis ‘Sunny Smell’ plant; so I have been able to experience and enjoy this orchid’s light and delicate, but warm, floral perfume first hand.

Phalaenopsis ‘Sunny Smell’ is a hybrid Phalaenopsis that was bred by Johannes and Christian Bremkens.  This orchid has been developed to grow and produce fragrant flowers indoors, which is rather special.  Phalaenopsis ‘Sunny Smell’ is a hybrid Phalaenopsis that has been especially raised to flourish in the conditions provided by our centrally heated homes, which is wonderful!  These plants thrive in humid bathrooms and kitchens; Phalaenopsis grow especially well when their pots are placed on a pebble tray that’s regularly topped up with water.  Ensure that your plant’s roots are not sitting in water continuously, as they may rot.

I water my orchids with rainwater, as I find that tap water is detrimental to orchids.  If you’re unable to collect rainwater, reverse osmosis water and deionised water can also be used to water orchids.  In summertime, Phalaenopsis plants can enjoy half an hour outdoors taking in the in warm summer rain.

Double H Nurseries are a British nursery, who also grow roses and chrysanthemum plants.  If you see a Phalaenopsis orchid for sale and you notice that the plant’s label displays a British flag, then you’ll know this orchid was grown by Double H Nurseries.  Double H Nurseries are based in New Milton, they grow Phalaenopsis ‘Sunny Smell’ and a wide range of other hybrid Phalaenopsis plants, which are offered for sale in nurseries, garden centres, high street stores, and supermarkets.

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