Phalaenopsis ‘Sunshine’

Family: Orchidaceae

Phalaenopsis ‘Sunshine’ is a Phalaenopsis with lovely soft yellow blooms.  The flower’s petals and sepals are decorated with a delicate sprinkling of maroon freckles and the yellow petals are complimented by the bloom’s orange coloured lip.  If you’re looking for a new indoor plant, Phalaenopsis ‘Sunshine’ would be a great choice; this hybrid Phalaenopsis has been especially bred to be more adapted to the conditions found inside our homes.

This is a compact and bijou Phalaenopsis, which is smaller in stature than the standard Phalaenopsis plants that you tend to find in supermarkets, garden centres, and florists.  My Phalaenopsis ‘Sunshine’ plants stand between 25cm (10inch) and up to around 30cm (11inches) tall.

Phalaenopsis ‘Sunshine’ was presented with an Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society, in March 2020.  AGM plants are chosen by RHS judges who follow a criteria that evaluates a plant’s performance in suitable growing conditions.  The RHS AGM awards highlight plants that are stable in their form and colourings, have a good constitution, with a reasonable resistance to pests and disease.  When purchasing AGM plants, gardeners can find plants that are reliable and will perform well, given their appropriate growing conditions.  In October 2022, the Royal Horticultural Society removed the AGM given to Phalaenopsis ‘Sunshine’, as the plants were not found to be widely available.

I want to help you provide your Phalaenopsis plants with their optimum growing conditions; here are lots of tips and ideas to help you care for your Phalaenopsis….

Phalaenopsis ‘Sunshine’ thrives in bright light.  This Phalaenopsis will flourish in a sunny room, providing your plant’s leaves are not exposed to any harsh, direct light.  Bright but soft sunlight is ideal; avoid intense or direct sunlight, which may scorch your orchid’s sensitive leaves.

Wherever possible, I recommend watering orchids with rainwater, as the salts in tap water are often detrimental to orchids.  However, if you’re unable to collect rainwater, reverse osmosis water, or deionised water can be used to water Phalaenopsis and other orchids.  In the summer, it’s possible to move Phalaenopsis plants outdoors to enjoy a shower of warm rainwater but this can only be done in the summertime, as your plant would not appreciate a shower of cold rainwater.  In autumn, winter, and springtime, gently warm up your rainwater before giving it to your plants.  Store your collected rainwater indoors for a couple of days to give the water sufficient time to acclimatise to room temperature, before watering your plants.

Phalaenopsis ‘Sunshine’.

Phalaenopsis thrive in a humid environment.  Raise the humidity levels around your Phalaenopsis, by collecting your plants together to form a group.  Pebble trays topped up with water can also help to provide your Phalaenopsis ‘Sunshine’ plant with its preferred growing conditions.  When using pebble trays, place an upturned saucer over the pebbles and place your Phalaenopsis on top, ensuring that the base of your plant’s pot is above the water – so the pot won’t become wet.

I fertilise my orchids with Orchid Focus Grow for my plants that aren’t in flower and Orchid Focus Bloom for my plants that are in bud or in bloom.  I dilute Orchid Focus fertiliser with rainwater, following the recommended dosage on the pack.  I apply this dilute feed once a week for three weeks in a row and then on the fourth week I give my plants plain rainwater.  I skip the feed altogether for one week and then I resume fertilising my plants once a week, when the process starts again.

If your Phalaenopsis ‘Sunshine’ plant stops flowering and hasn’t produced any new flower buds for an extended period of time, try moving your plant to a room with cooler night time temperatures, as this change in temperature and growing conditions can encourage your plants to bloom.  However, it’s important to remember that these Phalaenopsis are tender plants; so, ensure temperatures don’t ever dip below 16C (61F).

This hybrid Phalaenopsis was bred by Roen Baek, from Sion, in the Netherlands.

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My plant that you see pictured above was raised by Double H Nurseries, in the UK.  Here’s a link to the Love Orchids website, if you’d like to purchase your own plant.

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