Phalaenopsis thailandica f. aurea

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Asia, Thailand

This is a natural form of Phalaenopsis that’s found in the wild, in Thailand.  Phalaenopsis thailandica f. aurea is the yellow flowered form of Phalaenopsis thailandica.  This miniature sized orchid species is often known simply as Phalaenopsis thailandica Yellow Lip, a reference to the plant’s yellow and white blooms.  The contrast in this orchid’s flower’s colouring is the only difference between the two forms of this orchid species.  This form of Phalaenopsis thailandica produces an inflorescence with a solid coloured yellow lip.  The blooms are sometimes topped with yellow marked petals – the flower’s yellow markings can be variable, it all depends on the plant.

This yellow flowered form of Phalaenopsis thailandica is more scarce than the usual form, which has two blocks of orange-yellow colouring on the lip of its white flowers.  Whereas this plant – Phalaenopsis thailandica f. aurea displays softer, paler yellow and white coloured blooms.

Phalaenopsis thailandica f. aurea thrives in intermediate to warm growing conditions.  Plants flourish in areas that enjoy soft, filtered light.  It’s important to provide your plants with a very humid atmosphere.

Phalaenopsis thailandica f. aurea is a miniature sized orchid species that originates from mountainous regions which are continually humid.

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