Phalaenopsis thailandica

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Asia, Thailand

Phalaenopsis thailandica is a miniature, epiphytic orchid species, which is endemic to Thailand.  This miniature orchid’s common name is the Thailand Phalaenopsis.

I find that Phalaenopsis thailandica plants enjoy growing in warm, humid conditions, where they can bask in soft, indirect, filtered light.  Phalaenopsis thailandica likes to be watered and misted regularly and thrives in high humidity.

Phalaenopsis thailandica produces very small, slightly fragrant flowers.  One of my plants produces blooms that sometimes emit a soft and gentle, delicate rose perfume.  I found that this miniature orchid’s perfume was very subtle; the scent could only be detected during a very close encounter with this plant’s flower.

I have a number of Phalaenopsis thailandica specimens; two plants are growing inside my Orchidarium, one of which is a Phalaenopsis thailandica specimen that I purchased as Phalaenopsis gibbosa.  For a period of time I continued to misidentify this plant as Phalaenopsis gibbosa, when the plant was in fact Phalaenopsis thailandica.  This plant was first grown inside my White Orchid Trial BiOrbAir Terrarium, before being moved to my Orchidarium.  If you’re interested, you can see this Phalaenopsis thailandica specimen in flower inside my White Orchid Trial BiOrbAir Terrarium here.

Alternatively, click here to see this same Phalaenopsis thailandica plant in flower inside my Orchidarium, in June 2021.

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