Phalaenopsis ‘Zurich’

Family: Orchidaceae

I adore white flowered orchids.  This is Phalaenopsis ‘Zurich’, it’s an orchid with a delicate and elegant style.  Phalaenopsis ‘Zurich’ flowers are snow-white in colour, their lateral sepals and the flower’s lip are decorated with freckles and enhanced with gold.  It’s a truly charming Phalaenopsis.

White flowered Phalaenopsis make lovely gifts.  The pure white flowers of Phalaenopsis ‘Zurich’ will look good against any colour or interior decor.  Phalaenopsis flowers enhance both modern and traditional or period homes, and compliment any style.

Phalaenopsis ‘Zurich’ plants will thrive in bright, soft light.  Take care to avoid placing your Phalaenopsis in a room where the sunlight is very intense, as harsh sunlight could damage your plant’s sensitive leaves.  Phalaenopsis are tender plants that are killed by low temperatures, so please don’t ever expose your Phalaenopsis to temperatures lower than 13C (55F).

Phalaenopsis composts aren’t anything like the traditional composts we use outdoors in our gardens. Orchid composts are made from pine and cork bark, pumice, and other large pieces.  Orchids need a free straining substrate that’s open and airy; air spaces are so important, as orchid roots need air and must have a free draining growing medium.  Phalaenopsis hybrids will grow happily in small planters with holes at the base for drainage.  Fill your container with large firm bark chips, charcoal, pumice, leca, or stone chips.  Don’t worry if roots grow out of the pot, this adds to the character of the plant and the plant’s roots can take in water from the air – misting your plants with rainwater will help them.

In 2022, the Royal Horticultural Society presented Phalaenopsis ‘Zurich’ with an Award of Garden Merit.  Orchids that are presented with an Award of Garden Merit are considered to grow and flower well, given their appropriate growing conditions.

I water all of my orchids with rainwater, as tap water contains salts that can be harmful for orchids.

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My Phalaenopsis ‘Zurich’ plant was sent to me by Love Orchids.  This orchid was grown by Double H Nurseries, in the UK.

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