Pilea cadierei

Family: Urticaceae

Countries: Asia, China, Vietnam

Pilea cadierei has incredible obovate leaves in an amazing silver colour with attractive green veining over each leaf.  The silver and green colour combination really stands out and emphasises the true silver colouration of this interesting plant’s leaf.  The common name for Pilea cadierei is the Aluminium Plant.

Ensure Pilea cadierei plants are grown inside a warm room where temperatures won’t dip below 15C (60F).  Pilea cadierei is a tender plant which will be killed by low temperatures.

Pilea cadierei has a nice bushy, upright growth habit.  These plants are the ideal size to fit inside most standard-sized terrariums or bottle gardens.  I’ve found that my Pilea cadierei plants have usually grown up to around 25cm (10 inches) tall.

Pilea cadierei is an easy to grow plant, which should be grown in moist, but well-drained soil or peat-free compost.  Cultivate Pilea cadierei in a position where your plant will enjoy bright, but indirect, filtered light.  Pilea cadierei requires a very humid environment, making it an ideal choice of plant to grow inside a bottle garden, terrarium, or vivarium.

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