Pilea depressa

Family: Urticaceae

Countries: Americas, Brazil, Mexico, North America, South America

Pilea depressa is a prostrate, mat forming, creeping plant, which produces an array of teeny, tiny leaves.  This is an attractive plant at first glance, but when you make time to take a closer look at Pilea depressa‘s miniature leaves, you’ll discover that this plant is quite simply charming!  Pilea depressa‘s minuscule leaves feature a delicate scalloped edging, which is utterly divine.  The more you look at this diminutive plant, the more you’ll grow to love it!

Pilea depressa is a resilient and easy to grow plant, which is tolerant of a variety of conditions.  Pilea depressa is ideally suited to growing inside a terrarium, as this plant grows well in a humid environment, away from harsh and direct light.  Pilea depressa also flourishes in a drier climate, which allows this plant to be grown inside the home, without the protection of a terrarium or bottle garden.

Pilea depressa is a tender plant, which should be grown in a location where the minimum temperature will not fall below 15C (60F).

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