Pilea libanensis

Family: Urticaceae

Pilea libanensis is a very pretty terrarium, vivarium, bottle garden or houseplant, which is also known by the common names of grey baby tears, or grey angel tears, I am sure that this plant has a great many other common names too!  Pilea libanensis is often called Pilea glauca, this synonym is often the plant name that you’ll see used by garden centres and in online catalogues, so, if you’re looking to purchase this particular plant, this is the name you’re most likely to need to search for.

Pilea libanensis produces fine, pink-red coloured stems that feature tiny, glaucous green coloured leaves.  When you study this plant’s leaves closely you can see that the leaf seems to have an overlay of fairy dust, for the leaves have a glimmer which is quite simply magical!

Pilea libanensis is a tender plant that is low growing and mat forming, providing ground cover in terrariums, vivariums, or bottle gardens, this plant is also a great choice for hanging baskets and containers. Pilea libanensis favours low level, indirect light.  I find this Pilea to be quite tolerant of different humidity levels, this plant flourishes in medium to fairly high humidity and even at times in environments that offer low humidity levels.  Take care to avoid overwatering your plants, especially if you’re growing your Pilea libanensis specimens inside terrariums, vivariums, or other enclosures, as I find that plants decline in too wet an environment.

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