Pilea peperomioides ‘Bambino’

Family: Urticaceae

Countries: Asia, China

Pilea peperomioides ‘Bambino’ is a smaller cultivated form of Pilea peperomioides.  My Pilea peperomioides ‘Bambino’ plant is around 15cm (6 inches) tall.

This is a tender plant, which makes a super houseplant!  I am currently trialling growing my Pilea peperomioides ‘Bambino’ plant inside a terrarium, but this plant would also be very happy growing as a potted houseplant.  Pilea peperomioides ‘Bambino’ plants enjoy growing in an area that receives bright, but indirect light.  If you have a very bright room, this plant would be happy to be placed in the middle of the room or in a corner, away from any harsh, direct light.  Whereas if you have a very dark room, your Pilea peperomioides ‘Bambino’ plant would be happiest growing near the window.

I can now tell you that after having my Pilea peperomioides ‘Bambino’ plant for over four years, this plant has remained about the same size as when I acquired it.

This is a tender plant that’s killed by low temperatures.  Cultivate Pilea peperomioides ‘Bambino’ in warm rooms where the temperatures won’t ever fall below 15D (60F).  I lost my plant when my central heating broke for a week – keep your plant somewhere where it will be safe and protected from cold draughts.

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