Pilea peperomioides

Family: Urticaceae

Countries: China

For ages Pilea peperomioides was a plant that folks grew at home, visitors admired, and friends and families shared, but this plant was never, ever seen in nurseries or garden centres.  It’s taken a while, but at last, the garden centres and nurseries have finally caught on and now Pilea peperomioides is seemingly everywhere, and with good reason: Pilea peperomioides is a delightfully cheery little plant that makes a superb houseplant!

I have found Pilea peperomioides to be a resilient, versatile plant, which copes with various light qualities, from bright, but indirect light on a North or East facing window sill to lower light levels.  Pilea peperomioides plants are also easy going about the humidity levels they’ll successfully grow in: this plant thrives when grown both in a humid atmosphere inside a terrarium or a bottle garden, or a steamy bathroom, but these fantastic plants will also grow happily as potted plants, along with your regular houseplants.

If your Pilea peperomioides plant’s leaves have turned from a lovely, lush green to yellow, before falling; this has occurred as a result of the plant’s compost or growing medium being too dry, for too long.  Take care to avoid overwatering – allow your plant’s compost to dry out a little between waterings, as Pilea peperoimiodes doesn’t like to be over watered and your plant won’t thank you for it!

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