Family: Lentibulariaceae

Countries: Americas, Mexico, North America

Pinguicula are a very interesting genus of  carnivorous plants, they are often known by their common name – Butterworts.  There are a great many species of Pinguicula; wild plants can be found growing a wide range of locations including across America, Europe, and Asia.

Inside my Orchidarium, I have planted two specimens of the Pinguicula hybrid that you see pictured above.  I included these two Pinguicula plants to provide a natural method of pest control inside my Orchidarium.  I really like the pretty rosettes that Pinguiculas form.  These are attractive carnivorous plants that trap flies and other insects on their sticky and shiny leaves.

Pinguiculas are a fascinating genus of plants.  The plants go through different growth stages, Pinguicula plants are not carnivorous at every stage of their life.

Pinguicula plants produce charming, pretty pink flowers, which are produced on tall flower stems which grows up from the centre of the plant.

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