Platystele misasiana

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Americas, Colombia, South America

Platystele misasiana is a mini miniature orchid species that’s endemic to Colombia.  In the wild, Platystele misasiana can be found in forests at around 200m above sea level.  These orchids grow in Colombia’s cloud forests, where they enjoy cool, moist, and shady growing conditions.

This is an epiphytic orchid species with a naturally compact and bushy form.  I often think of Platystele misasiana as being an orchid with a graceful air and poise, as the plants grow and hold themselves so elegantly.  Platystele misasiana plants produce these plain, but nonetheless rather charming, green leaves and plants send up spikes of tiny, golden-cream coloured, star-shaped flowers, which although minute are easily spotted and admired, as the inflorescences are held above the plant’s leaves.

Platystele misasiana thrives in cool temperatures.  These orchids enjoy consistent temperatures and very similar light levels, throughout the year.  Plants will flourish in daytime temperatures of 15- 21C (60-70F) and cooler night time temperatures of 10-13C (50-55F).  In order to succeed, Platystele misasiana plants require high humidity levels.  These tiny orchids hail from cloud forests, where the air is always laden with moisture.

This is a superb plant for a terrarium or bottle garden.  Platystele misasiana thrives in a shaded environment, far away from any harsh or intense light.  These dainty little orchids enjoy very humid growing conditions, frequent waterings and soft, filtered light.

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