Polypodium formosanum

Family: Polypodiaceae

Countries: Asia, China, Japan, Taiwan

Polypodium formosanum is a fern that originates from the island of Kyushu, in Japan; this same fern species can also be found growing in Taiwan, in China.  Polypodium formosanum’s common name is the Grub Fern, the Green Caterpillar Fern, or Blue Feet – after this fern’s striking rhizomatous growth – the protruding, glaucous blue-green coloured extending growth this fern produces.

If you want to grow more of these ferns, you can divide Polypodium formosanum to propagate it, or alternatively, you could raise more plants by sowing the spores.

Polypodium formosanum is quite a versatile fern.  It grows as a terrestrial fern – when it grows in the soil or leaf litter, but Polypodium formosanum also grows as an lithophyte – when it grows on rocks, and as an epiphyte – when Polypodium formosanum grows upon the branches and trunks of trees.

Polypodium formosanum likes to grow in a semi-shaded to shaded spot where it will receive regular watering.  If you’re planning on growing Polypodium formosanum as a terrestrial fern, ensure that you use free-draining, peat-free compost, as this fern doesn’t like to sit in water.  Polypodium formosanum likes to be watered regularly, but after watering this fern wants to be allowed to dry out a little, before being watered again.  This fern enjoys a very humid environment.

Polypodium formosanum is hardy down around to 0C (32F).  This fern grows to a maximum of around 45cm (18 inches) in height.

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