Polystichum tsussimense

Family: Dryopteridaceae

Countries: Asia, Himalayas, India, Japan

Polystichum tsussimense is a pretty little fern.  If you have a steamy, frequently used bathroom with room for a new plant, Polystichum tsussimense will grow happily here.  Although, for best results I’ve found Polystichum tsussimense is more successfully grown as a bottle garden, terrarium, or vivarium plant.  This is an incredibly versatile fern – you don’t have to grow it indoors – Polystichum tsussimense also flourishes outside in the garden.  Polystichum tsussimense is hardy in areas where the winter temperatures fall as low as -15C (5F).

This handsome fern thrives in a humid environment and in low light levels, making Polystichum tsussimense an ideal choice of fern to plant inside a terrarium or bottle garden.  Many ferns and plants that are presented as ‘terrarium plants’ in garden centres are just baby plants that will soon outgrow any terrarium, but Polystichum tsussimense grows to about the right height for most terrariums or bottle gardens.  If you plant Polystichum tsussimense inside a terrarium you won’t have to repeatedly keep hunting for larger terrariums to re-plant this fern into – which is a true blessing!

Over time, if the growth of Polystichum tsussimense spreads too far, this resilient fern can be divided and re-planted as necessary.  This isn’t a fast-growing fern; I have Polystichum tsussimense specimens that have been growing happily in the same terrarium for over five years.

The Polystichum tsussimense specimen you see pictured above is growing inside my BiOrbAir terrarium.  You can see more photographs and discover out how this Polystichum tsussimense specimen is growing in my long-term review of the BiOrbAir.  This link will take you straight to the update which was written at the time when this Polystichum tsussimense specimen was first planted inside this terrarium.  You can follow this Polystichum tsussimense specimen’s growth and progress in this, and the continuing trial and review updates that follow

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