Porroglossum schramii

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Ecuador

Porroglossum schramii is a mini miniature sized orchid species from the humid cloud forests of Ecuador.  Plants can be found growing in mountainous areas, in locations that range from 1500m to 1800m above sea level.  Porroglossum schramii blooms regularly throughout the year.  This orchid’s flowers are held up above the plant’s beautifully textured leaves.  The flowers are very much like miniature Masdevallia flowers in their shape; this Porroglossum’s flowers are produced in a range of colours.

When a fly lands on the lip of a Porroglossum flower, the minute weight of this insect dropping onto the bloom is enough to trigger the flower’s lip to close shut.  I think of this action as being rather like a drawbridge being pulled up.  This action happens quite quickly, it just takes a second or two for the lip to enclose, (hopefully) capturing a fly, or another tiny insect, within the centre of the flower.  The insect will be imprisoned close to the miniature orchid’s pollen; as the fly scrambles around trying to escape, it will make repeated, frantic contact with the orchid’s pollen.  The flower’s lip opens slowly, it takes around thirty minutes for the labellum’s mechanism to release the insect, when it will be covered in Porroglossum pollen, ready to pollinate another nearby bloom.

Plants grow as lithophytes – when they grow on rocks, and as epiphytes – when they grow on other plants.  In cultivation, Porroglossum schramii is often grown in small containers filled with a speciality orchid compost, comprised of an open, free draining mix of tree bark, pumice, perlite, and moss, or in pots filled with moss.  Providing you can provide your plants with very humid growing conditions, this orchid species can be grown successfully mounted onto a piece of cork bark or on a branch.

This orchid species flourishes in the damp, humid environments found inside terrariums and bottle gardens.  Provide your Porroglossum schramii plants with gentle but continuous air circulation and maintain a very humid environment.  Plants require daily misting, they thrive in environments where the humidity levels don’t fall below 75%RH.

Porroglossum schramii grows in cool to intermediate temperatures.  Plants flourish in fairly shaded conditions, under soft, filtered light.  Ensure your Porroglossum schramii plants are grown well away from intense or harsh sunlight.

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