Primula vialii ‘Alison Holland’

Family: Primulaceae

This lovely white form of Primula vialii was discovered as a chance seedling, in the Northumberland garden of keen plantsman John Holland.  Primula vialii ‘Alison Holland’ produces green tinged buds, which open to pure white flowers.

Primula vialii ‘Alison Holland’ is a hardy, rosette forming, herbaceous perennial that thrives in moist soil conditions.  Primula vialii ‘Alison Holland’ flowers in June, its clear white blooms reach up to 60cm (23 inches) in height.  Primula vialii ‘Alison Holland’ is sterile, so this pretty Primula sadly won’t set seed all over your garden.  Primula vialii ‘Alison Holland’ grows well in moist conditions, it can be grown in containers, or in garden beds and borders.

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