Prunus serrula

Family: Rosaceae

Countries: Asia, China

Prunus serrula is a rounded tree, famed for its polished, gleaming reddish-brown bark – a redeeming feature that looks good and offers interest on every single day of the year.  Also known as the Tibetan cherry, Prunus serrula produces clusters of single, white flowers in April or May.  This is a deciduous tree, with narrow green leaves that turn a buttery yellow colour, before falling in autumn.

Plant Prunus serrula in a sheltered spot, where your tree will enjoy protection from windy weather.  To get the best view of your plant’s shiny, coppery-mahogany coloured bark, plant in full sunshine.  Prunus serrula will grow happily in almost any soil, from sandy soils to clay, and everything in between.  This tree will eventually grow to around 10m (33ft) tall and the same wide, depending of course on your plant’s growing conditions.

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