Pyrrosia serpens

Family: Polypodiaceae

Countries: Fiji, New Zealand

Pyrrosia serpens is an epiphytic fern, which can sometimes be found growing as a terrestrial (on the ground).  Pyrrosia serpens originates from New Zealand and Fiji.  This fern flourishes in warm temperatures from 20C (68F) to 26C (79F).  Although, I must say that my fern is growing very happily in a room with a temperature range from 16C (60F) to 25C (77F).

Pyrrosia serpens requires a very humid environment, it thrives when grown inside a terrarium.  I’ve found my fern is easy to grow and accommodating.  My plants enjoy bright but indirect light and high humidity inside my terrariums and bottle gardens.

This fern displays a creeping, spreading habit, it grows to only 5cm (2 inches) tall but will happily spread out and cover a wide area.  For optimum results, grow Pyrrosia serpens as an epiphyte mounted on branches, inside a terrarium.

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