Ranunculus flammula

Family: Ranunculaceae

Countries: Africa, Albania, Algeria, Americas, Asia, Austria, Azores, Balearic Islands, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, Corsica, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, England, Europe, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Madeira, Morocco, Netherlands, North America, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Sardegna, Scotland, Sicily, South America, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Wales, Yugoslavia

Ranunculus flammula is an aquatic plant with beautiful shining-yellow, bowl-shaped flowers.  This plant’s common name is Lesser Spearwort, but it’s very much like a lovely buttercup to grow in a pond!  Ranunculus flammula can be grown in streams, ponds, lakes, or continually wet bog gardens; if you don’t have a pond, you could grow Ranunculus flammula in a container filled with rainwater.  These charming plants thrive in bright sunshine and their flowers gleam in the sunlight.  Wherever you’re growing Ranunculus flammula, choose a position where your plant can bask in the sunshine.

My Ranunculus flammula plant is growing in the margins of my wildlife pond; I’ve planted my plant in an aquatic planter that I’ve lined with hessian and filled with an aquatic, peat-free compost.  My plant is growing around the perimeter of my pond, where the water is shallower; here the water covers the top of my Ranunculus flammula‘s planter.  The depth of the water in my wildlife pond varies a little due to rainfall variation and evaporation in the summertime, but the water level tends to range from 0-15cm (0.5ft) above this plant’s crown.  Ranunculus flammula will grow happily in water that ranges from 1-25cm (up to 0.9ft) above the top of the plant.  There’s no specific depth of water needed to grow Ranunculus flammula successfully, but these plants don’t like to dry out and they need continually wet conditions; Ranunculus flammula can be grown in water that’s anywhere from 0-10cm over the top of the plant.

I’d say that my Ranunculus flammula plant has grown to around 70cm (2.3ft) tall.  In my wildlife pond my Ranunculus flammula plant flowers from May to September (early summer to autumn).

These plants are hardy and they’ll sail through the harshest of winters without any problems, ready to flower the following summer.

Take care, as Ranunculus flammula sap can cause skin irritations; please wear gloves when planting or handling and wash your hands afterwards.

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