Rehmannia ‘Walberton’s Magic Dragon’

Family: Plantaginaceae

Rehmannia ‘Walberton’s Magic Dragon’ is a cross between Rehmannia glutinosa and Rehmannia elata which has resulted in creating a very robust, branching plant with very large, exotic looking, foxglove-type flowers in a vibrant shade of pink.

This perennial plant was bred by David Tristram from Walberton Plants.  Described as hardy, with the added caveat that it may need protection during harsh winters, this Rehmannia can be grown in containers, or in the garden, where it is best suited to growing in a well-drained, humus rich soil, in full sun or partial shade.  

Rehmannia ‘Walberton’s Magic Dragon’ is attractive to bees; it has a long flowering season, flowering from May until the first frost.  It makes a fabulous border plant, which holds itself up well and doesn’t require any staking, it creates an interesting display in a large planter.

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