Restrepia cymbula

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Americas, Ecuador, South America

Restrepia cymbula is a miniature sized orchid species from Ecuador.  The common name for this orchid species is the Boat Restrepia, a reference to this orchid’s narrow, curved, boat shaped bloom.  Given the right care, Restrepia cymbula plants flower easily, they produce orange-red coloured flowers, which feature delightfully speckled markings.

Restrepia cymbula plants thrive in warmer growing conditions than the majority of other Restrepia species.  These orchids will also flourish in intermediate temperatures.

It’s important to maintain high humidity levels around your plants, at all times, as this orchid species flourishes in a very humid environment.  Restrepia cymbula plants grow best with some air movement, but do remember that these orchids don’t want to dry out.  In their natural environment, Restrepia cymbula plants enjoy a very humid atmosphere, where the air is laden with moisture.

Minimum temperature 12C (54F).

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