Rocket ‘Dragons Tongue®’

Family: Brassicaceae

Rocket ‘Dragons Tongue®’ is a new type of rocket that produces these handsome leaves that are attractively veined with maroon; the red veining creates a rather nice contrast against the leafy-green of the outer part of the leaves.  Rocket ‘Dragons Tongue®’ leaves have a fairly strong, spicy and delicious, peppery flavour.  This is a superb rocket cultivar that is reliable, long-lived, and slow to bolt.  Like other forms of rocket, rocket ‘Dragons Tongue®’ thrives in almost any soil and situation.  I love to grow edible plants that also brighten up the garden; Rocket ‘Dragons Tongue®’ makes a decorative plant for the garden, as well as an ornamental, yet flavourful plant that has many uses in the kitchen.

Sow rocket ‘Dragons Tongue®’ seeds from the middle of March through until the middle of August.  This is such an easy to grow plant; I’m absolutely certain that you cannot fail to succeed when growing rocket ‘Dragons Tongue®’!  However, for the best results, grow rocket ‘Dragons Tongue®’ in a location that enjoys sunshine or partial shade; these seeds will thrive in any moist but well-drained soil (avoid waterlogged soils).  This form of rocket will flourish growing in pots and planters filled with a good quality, peat-free compost.  Sow seeds thinly and make regular sowings for a continual harvest, throughout the spring and summer months and into autumn.

Another method to extend your rocket ‘Dragons Tongue®’ plants’ growing season is to cut your rocket leaves regularly and remove the entire plant each time you collect your harvest.  Rocket ‘Dragons Tongue®’ thrives when grown as a cut-and-come-again salad leaf, but to do this effectively you need to start with young seedlings.  Simply sow a row of rocket ‘Dragons Tongue®’ seeds in your window box, container, raised bed, or border; when the young plants have reached perfect baby leaf size, use scissors to cut your leaves, removing the entire plants, just above soil level, to collect your harvest.  Water the plants immediately after taking each harvest and make regular cuttings, every couple of weeks, throughout the growing season.

The rocket ‘Dragons Tongue®’ leaf that you see can pictured above was produced by a plant that I grew in deep shade inside my Vegepod.  I have found that rocket ‘Dragons Tongue®’ markings are more pronounced on plants that are grown in brighter, sunnier positions.  Rocket ‘Dragons Tongue®’ will be quite content to grow in the shade.  Remember to water your plants after each harvest and at regular intervals, during any periods of drought.

Rocket ‘Dragons Tongue®’ was bred by Tozer Seeds, in the UK.

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