Rocket ‘Mild Cultivated’

Family: Brassicaceae

‘Mild Cultivated’ rocket is a cultivated form of rocket that produces green leaves with a lovely fresh, yet mild flavour.  Rocket ‘Mild Cultivated’ foliage still has that lovely peppery rocket taste but the leaves don’t have any heat; these leaves are without the intensity of flavour possessed by other more commonly found rocket cultivars.  This is the ideal variety of rocket to grow for children or anyone who doesn’t enjoy hot, spicy flavours.  I simply adore this particular type of rocket!  If you enjoy gentler flavours and find wild rocket is sometimes too pungent or intense for your palate, then I’m sure that you’ll love ‘Mild Cultivated’ rocket, too.

As well as tasting delicious, ‘Mild Cultivated’ rocket is a really easy to grow vegetable.  In the UK, we can sow ‘Mild Cultivated’ rocket seeds from April until the beginning of August.  In years that are blessed with a warmer growing season, ‘Mild Cultivated’ rocket seeds can be sown from March until September, but these early and later sowings cannot be guaranteed, as they’re reliant on exceptional weather and unseasonably warm temperatures.

Rocket will grow in almost any soil or situation, but I find plants favour moist but well-drained soils.  These vegetables enjoy being grown in bright and sunny, or partially shaded sites.  ‘Mild Cultivated’ rocket can be grown in containers filled with good quality, peat-free compost.

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I bought my ‘Mild Cultivated’ rocket seeds from Real Seeds.  These are open-pollinated (non-hybrid) seeds – if you buy this rocket and want to grow it again, you don’t need to buy another packet of seed – instead just allow your plants to flower and set seed to produce your own packet of ‘Mild Cultivated’ rocket seeds!

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