Rosa ‘Champagne Moment’

Family: Rosaceae

Rosa ‘Champagne Moment’ = ‘Korvanaber’ (PBR) is an award winning rose that was bred by the renowned german rose breeders, Kordes.  In 2006, Rosa ‘Champagne Moment’ won the coveted title of the winner of the Rose of the Year Competition!  This floribunda rose produces clusters of apricot cream coloured flowers that pale to white, as they age; the flowers are perfectly complemented by gorgeous dark green, glossy foliage.

This is a very attractive rose, my favourite thing about ‘Champagne Moment’ is this rose’s open flowers that provide accessible pollen for bees and other pollinating insects.  I’ve enjoyed watching the bees as they tend to my plant’s flowers.

I’ve often seen this rose described as being fragrant.  Sadly the flowers my rose produces have no real scent or perfume, but ‘Champagne Moment’ roses produce their flowers in abundance!  I’ve noticed that the stems holding three to five flowers stand upright and tall, but those supporting huge trusses of flowers can become weighed down by their blooms, especially if we have a period of inclement weather.  When this happens, it’s important to check to see if your plant has any stems that have dropped out of view; continue to dead-head the rose’s flowers as they fade, to coax your plant into producing the maximum number of flowers.

‘Champagne Moment’ is a repeat flowering rose that blooms in cycles from June until the frosts arrive in autumn.  In 2012, the Royal Horticultural Society awarded Rosa ‘Champagne Moment’ an Award of Garden Merit.

This is a hardy and resilient rose that grows to around 120cm (4ft) tall; forming a plant that spreads around 80cm (2.5ft) wide.  Rosa ‘Champagne Moment’ grows happily in any well-drained soil.  When planting Rosa ‘Champagne Moment’, choose a bright and sunny position.  Apply mycorrhizal fungi on your plant’s roots at planting time and use a good quality peat free compost, to mulch around your plant, after planting.

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